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Rohre, Rechteckrohre & Stäben

You have entered our Product program of Carbon Fiber round and rectangular tubes and rods. 
Carbon Webshop’s lightweight products are ideally suited for high mechanical impact, thanks to their strength and stiffness.

It is because of these properties that composites are often used to replace heavy materials, such as steel and aluminium. A serious weight reduction with comparable strengths can be achieved.

Furthermore composites materials are chemically resistant and carbon epoxy, in particular, is insensitive to temperature changes, which gives this material a high dimensional stability. On top of that, the material is corrosion-resistant. offers you a wide choice of products to build your lightweight construction. All products are produced against our tight tolerances. This makes our products suitable for many purposes.

Select a product or category for a detailed description and the most remarkable properties and make your ideal choice. You need help? Just send us an email and we will help you on short notice. 

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